Material 2014

The SCR is designed and manufactured specifically for high performance competitive racing, slalom and speed. For the 2014 SCR is developed by Tomas Persson together with top PWA sailors Sylvain and Benoit Moussilmani. For 2014 we have developed the back bone of the rig, the mast and the battens to give the sail a better top-end speed and faster acceleration. Precision batten tapering is a new concept which allows us to with greater precision control how the batten curve defines the sail profile. Each cambered batten is specifically customized using the this technique to create the most optimal support for the profile.

The new SC11 is designed from T800 Toray carbon, which is a top grade high tensile strength carbon. The SC11 is designed to have the fastest reflex response possible, giving the SCR a turbo charged acceleration plus a wider wind range. Simmer SCR


Simmer’s most versatile wave sail, with full draft and moderate boom length, the Icon provides you with plenty of power to move and gives effortless handling, even in the most powered up conditions. For 2013 the Icon has been redesigned with a wider sleeve for a more reactive feel and a lower positioned clew for better manoevrability and more forgiving handling.The five batten compact outline gives you a super stable sail profile and the moderate boom length delivers smooth power transition. The Icon is well know for its balanced feeling with the pull just slightly forward from the center that gives you boost to accelerate towards the lip or that extra height in jumps.

The 2014 Icon has been re-designed to deliver more the drive and better maneuverability suitable for multi-fin board design. The Icon suits riders that are regularly tackling a wide range of conditions that want a reliable, bomb proof sail that can deliver anywhere. Simmer Icon


When it comes to be the fastest, the manta board gives no mercy. Top speed on the straights, explosive acceleration out of the jibe and perfect control under all circumstances are the outstanding features of the State of the Art Slalom boards. No matter where the Tabou Pro Team starts, his goal is to always win. With the ultra-lightweight and extremely stiff Team Pro Boards they have the right tools for the toughest competition. For the same reason, even your buddies should get used to the idea that second place is as close as they will get to you

Ready for ANYTHING!

This Power Wave shape continues to evolve into the one-shot wonder.
A range of boards that can do the big hits when required, bust out freestyle moves when the waves go flat and boost air to the moon! A completely new range update that makes any condition easy and fun!

Early planing gets you up and going through the break with ease, allowing you to pick the ramp of your choosing and blast into the air with solid pop, while the compact outline delivers excellent control in the jumps. 
On the wave, the all new rocker line and modified outline shapes ensure smooth bottom turns with excellent drive. The thruster setup offers a surfy feel with slashy turns, and if you want single fin, the choice is yours!